Round Top Texas

Round Top Texas

Also known as the Roundtopolis, it’s actually a rural community located in a somewhat magical realm of Fayette County including seven of its surrounding neighbors. Visit or live in the last real country living stronghold between Austin and Houston, traditional meets transitional. Round Top residents live in a section of Texas that’s really like no other, it’s also their self-proclaimed capital of the biggest State in Texas but we all know it’s really a little town known as Austin.

As Texas indeed enjoys the four seasons, fall is actually the best season to explore all of Round Top Texas. During the later half of September, our planet earth is tilted just enough creating a cooler visit during your visit or stay. With such a big blue sky you’ll want to put the convertible’s top down, roll down some windows and let the wind style your hair. Round Top Texas is a Staff Texas Bucket List destination as a must go see.

We’ve found a great website that has put together some excellent recommendations for you or your family to go do and go see. It’s a selected lists that hardly scratches the surface of Round Top Texas places to visit, but you’ll get the idea once you’ve spent a few moments of your life enjoying RT but even more important is how much you’ll save compared to commercialized vacations. Here, you’ll find that something fun is just waiting for you just about every corner around Round Top Texas.

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