SEO PushSEO Push Service – Included

SEO Push is a service from it’s what we like to call it. The idea is simple and with so many directories on the internet designed in simple, quick and sometimes down right ugly search results, redirects and who knows what else is going on when you visit some of those sites listed within those search results! With ShopTexas Business DIrectory your in charge of your content, logo, images as well as 300 word description that is written by one of our editors based around your keyword phrase you’d like to push on the directory. ie; SEO Push The entire process is easy as we also include automated assistance powered by Yoast! This is a great SEO tool that is built right into our business directory. Case Study Example Our newest member just added! SEA LIFE Grapevine Aquarium 1st – view their listing. (opens a new window) 2nd – Take a look at the two images below.

HTML Admin Control Panel – Easy to use.

SEO Control Panel – Powered by Yoast.

Admin Control Panel

Each and every business listing includes our easy to use admin control panel. HTML is allowed and you have many other options just make sure everything is family friendly. ShopTexas reserves the right to edit content that is not allowed and possibly hide your listing. Refer to our terms of service for more details. Image Only Below:


SEO Control Panel

Powered by Yoast! It will automatically score you as you update the listing. We also offer this as a Managed Listing. Yoast SEO