Lucky Number 17 Roulette Wheel

December 25, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog

Lucky Number 17

Lucky number 17 is in everything I do in life. We all have at least one number we consider lucky. If not, then you’re already pretty darn lucky or maybe read on and consider what comes to mind for you when consider what is my lucky number?

Growing up in Texas we have lots of poker nights, of course just playing for matches or peanuts.. you know, it’s not legal in Texas to gamble Funny to me that Texas is home of Texas Hold’em Poker yet you gotta go outta state to stay outta jail for getting caught playing poker for real money!

One summer I drove to Georgia and along the way, Louisiana and that means casinos. Well, mostly a lot of road stop electronic casinos. But, if you have time to stop along the bridge and have a great lunch, place a few bets you might just find you’re lucky. Just make sure to take what you expect or plan to loose cause chances are not in your favor.

One place on my personal bucket list is a Las Vegas casino vacation and always wanted to go to Caesars Palace. Not just cause we’ve partnered up with them and get paid for promotions that result in someone taking an interest in what we have to say and share with the public. Today tho, I’m sharing about the free online casino game I play during my coffee break as I absolutely love going against all odds.


This game is not everyone’s favorite game but it is certainly one of mine. I had the time to stop in for some lunch and play a game for real money that I never have done in all my life. One of my bucket list was in action!

Walking into the casino was like walking on to another planet. It was like instant party atmospher but not too loud. The sound of games, people laughing and really having a great time. I walked up to the roulette wheel with about 4 others sitting down playing. Some min bets, some $50 – $100 a spin. Must be nice to have money to burn I was thinking to myself. I’d never burn it, I’d give it away if I had that much money. Anyway, my first bet of my life for real money was one number. I placed $20 on number 17 and watched others place bets on many different numbers, some on red and others on black. Even some on 0 or 00 and in corners of numbers. I was totally lost, did not really know the payouts etc.. even the rules.

When the beautiful woman, the dealer handing the game spun the wheel and said no more bets. My heart was like, hmm.. $20 is 3 more bets. So, next bet I thought to place it on 20 places. Like a well educated roulette player – lol <totally joking> but when the wheel stopped spinning. I did not look, just peoples faces, hands tapping my back and saying congrats as they knew it was my 1st time to bet.

35 to 1 (plus original bet) and when the chips came towards me it was 7 stacks of $100 chips. I just turned $20 into $720 and my original chip was still on 17. I was in shock and all she asked let it ride? I was like yeah, sure. Wham! it hit 17 again! The entire table freaked out with excitement! Thus the pit boss come and speak to dealer, approved and there came my next $720. What everyone at the table did next was totally unexpected.

Not one bet was on the table as I took my $20 and was holding it in my hand like a lucky set of $5 chips. The dealer looked at me and said, everyone is waiting to see what you will do. Please place your bet or you will need to give the chair to someone waiting to play. I said.. may I stand up and play, give my chair to someone? She said of course, how nice. Now, please place your bet. I looked around the table and then her and winked. I could feel every eye on me, including the ones above me. I leaned over and took a crazy gut feeling to life.

I placed the same $20 on 17 and instantly every single person at the table placed their different colored chips on top of mine. The stack was about 2 feet tall and looked like a crazy rainbow. No splits, corners it was all on number seventeen. Everyone took turns carefully stacking on top of each others chips. The dealer, pit boss and someone on the phone said.. let it ride. Wow, the entire area was watching. There was a static feeling of excitement. When the ball landed it was insane. It was the number .. yep, you guess it!


Everyone was like what the heck did we all just witness? Three 17’s in a row! Everyone cheered and was rubbing my head, thanking me and I was in total disbelief, happy and sad at the same time knowing I still had 6 more hours of driving to do. I wish that someone could provide a photo of this event. It was 10 years or more ago. I remember this event forever as they paid everyone off, closed the table and changed dealers. By the way, that’s about the only thing they can do in regards to how this game is controlled. So, when you’re with lady luck and the dealer walks away.. hint, hint. It’s most likely a good time for a potty break, eat or fresh air then return to the game.

Best of luck to all of you even if you only play for free with friends. By the way, the number 17 is my late brothers birthday. Love you Mike! It’s also the same day I married my first wife and my sister renewed her vowels with her husband. My sister Pam recently passed away. I’m the youngest of 4 children, my oldest sister Debbie is still with us. Find your lucky number, give it a special meaning in your life.

Last night before I went to bed I was playing Caesars Online Entertainment for fun Roulette. Guess what? A photo speaks a thousand words… I played for a little while to see if I could make it happen. Hope you enjoyed the story.

Carpe diem!

Lucky Number 17

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800-GAMBLER.