Search Engine Optimization and Why Care About It?

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Why Should I Care About It

Search engine optimization, usually referred to by its acronym, SEO, is a set of less and more sophisticated tools webmasters (the people who put up and manage websites) and content providers, the people who write the words used on websites, use to get Google’s attention. Because most Internet searches are run on Google, most of the search engine optimization is specific to Google.

Until about 2003, SEO was a very simple thing. The search engines that were predominant at the time, such as Yahoo and Lycos and several dozen others, just matched up the number of times a word or a phrase was used on a page to that word or phrase when it was typed into the search engine. If you wanted to sell widgets, and you wanted to sell widgets by getting people to come to your Internet page (which was less useful at that time), you just used the word “widget” over and over again in the text.

For example, “Wickley’s wickedly good widgets will out-widget any competing widgets from Widget World.” As far as the search engines were concerned, the use of the word didn’t have to make sense. The page didn’t have to look good. The content could be copied (and often was). The more you used a term, the more likely it was that you would get a high page ranking, that is, your page would be the first page people would see when they used a search engine.

Then in 2003, Google bought a program that came to be known as Adsense. This tool presents advertisements on pages in the context of what is on the page. Adsense will put different ads on the same pages show to different visitors to a site. Google then became invested in making sure that web pages presented useful, practical, and original information so they could place an ad that was more likely to get a click and make them money.

Everything Google has done to change the way pages pop up in search results when you Google a term since then has been to make advertising more profitable. Webmasters moan about major changes to the system known as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, but the simple fact is, what works for Google can work for you.

If you are just using a website to communicate with your favorite established customers, you don’t need SEO. If you are using your website to recruit new customers, to help people find you who have not yet experienced your business, you need great SEO. Achieving great search engine optimization is a lot harder than it used to be, but it’s achievable. It’s a lot easier to achieve with a template site, but we’ll give you the tools to optimize search engine results for any WordPress site in the following pages.


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