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November 29, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Advertising

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Website advertisement is not the same as online advertising.

Many business owners putting up their first website regard them as just another way to advertise. Websites certainly do advertise businesses, but the content on a website that works is more suitable than that. A website advertisement is not just where you get your name in front of the public, it is also a place you build your brand. If you don’t build your brand, Google may not be very helpful to your efforts to advertise. Here’s an explanation.

A lot of the time what you want to get in front of your customers is your product, your name, and how to get to your front door right this very minute. For this to happen, you need to make sure your website is optimized to display on their iPhone or Android or pad (templates take care of that), and you need a landing page that gets a lot of traffic from Google and if you’re a website owner you need your webmaster tools.

However, the way you get lots of traffic from Google, without paying $1, $2, $5 or more for each customer acquisition is a lot of “organic traffic.” Google directs people to your pages because you have something to say. To make sure your site gets people flowing to it naturally, you need to give information beyond just who you are and what you sell.

Let’s say you are doing a website for your bagel shop, Bertha’s Bagels. Sure, you need your name and location on every page, but you need more than that. To get Google interested in your site, you need to talk about bagels in general, but you need to talk as if you were explaining something you love, bagels, to someone you like, your favorite customer. Your landing page needs to make it very clear that Bertha’s Bagels is the place to stop on the way to work to pick up twelve dozen bagels, or maybe more. Your posts need to describe the love and care and crafting you give your bagels. This is for that rare devotee of bagels who actually will buy out your shop. It’s also so Google will known there’s a difference between Bertha’s Bagels and Bob’s Bagels down the street.

Use your logo or masthead for the hard sell. Use your content for the soft sell. When someone’s on the phone looking for a bagel shop, what you really need to get in front of them is your name, address, and logo (although it can also be nice to give them an electronic coupon). When someone is in the market for bagels for a convention’s breakfast bar, you need carefully crafted, SEO content to make sure Google can find you and deliver your name to your customer–for free. Write WordPress posts about topics, not about keywords.


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