Seven Secrets of Successful Internet Marketing

August 11, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Technology

7 Secrets

Internet Marketing

Learn a thing or two about internet marketing.

When you’ve got your logo, your photo, and your message on a growing website at a great price, starting at “free,” you’ve taken the first step toward growing your business with Internet advertising. Making the most of your online opportunities to drive your sales, however, requires you to master these seven secrets of successful Internet marketing.

1. Make smart use of the time you spend doing Internet marketing.

When you set up your own website, you have to worry about traffic, getting people to see your site. You can spend an enormous amount of time building backlinks that disappear when Google changes its search algorithms. It’s a lot smarter to get listed on a site that is constantly working to keep people coming to all of its pages, staying one step ahead of Google (or at least not very far behind for very long), so you can spend your time focusing on serving your customers and making money.

2. Make smart use of the money you spend doing Internet marketing.

Did we mention that a basic membership on our site is FREE? Sure, you can drive traffic to your own site with paid ads through Adwords, Looksmart, and Overture, but your cost of acquisition per customer can be $5, $10, $20, or much more. That’s money you have to make from sales before you see your first dollar of profit. Getting listed on a directory is a much better use of your time, and the small fees this site charges for additional services will more than pay for themselves in inexpensive customer acquisition.

3. Make your call to action clear.

It doesn’t do any good to have beautiful web pages that leave your customers wondering what it is you would like them to do. Here at Shop Texas, our goal is to have website visitors who are in your city and who are ready to shop. We give them an itinerary that brings them to your business, and you take it from there.

4. Invite testimonials.

Let your satisfied customers do your selling for you. Customer testimonials are a great way to promote your products, and listing your business in a directory like Shop Texas is a great place to solicit even more positive feedback from your customers and clients.

5. Create a compelling offer.

Make an offer your customers can’t refuse, but in a positive way. Make sure that any customer who lands on your page can choose one of your products or one of your services or one of your experiences and leave with a value they could never get anywhere else.

6. Develop trust.

The more traffic your page gets, the more opportunities you’ll have to get reviews, both good and bad. Conduct yourself with integrity, and your growing online presence will reinforce your good reputation.

7. Make a guarantee you’re comfortable keeping.

People want products that work. They want meals that are served promptly and taste good. They want entertainment that’s actually fun. They want professional services performed at the highest level. In developing your business, it’s a good thing to sufficiently confident in yourself that you can offer guarantees. What you need to guarantee your customers when they come to you from Shop Texas, however, is that walking in your door is definitely worth their time, and if they don’t make a purchase the first time, they will certainly want to the second.


Scott Snerdey Lawrence
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Scott Lawrence
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