Round Rock, Your Doughnut Destination

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Rock Rock, Texas

Round Rock, Texas is a place that is intimately connected to the best health trends in Texas. The beneficiary of half a billion dollars in park and green lands expansion, Round Rock is understandably associated with hiking, biking, martial arts, and, even though it’s very much in the heart of Texas, yoga. There is one treat made in Round Rock, however, that the most dedicated fitness fans have trouble turning down, Round Rock doughnuts.

Made from a recipe dating at least to the 1940’s that was perfected by Swedish immigrants, these doughnuts are like no others. They are bright yellow from pasture-raised egg yolks. They are light, so light that it’s tempting to eat an entire dozen. They have just the right amount of glaze, and by the time you have stood in a long line on a Saturday morning, or a Sunday morning, or any other morning of the week, long enough finally to get your doughnuts, they are the perfect answer to your hunger.

And did we mention that if you tell them your diet only permits you to have one doughnut, they have a Texas-sized doughnut?

Owners Jan and Dale Cohrs want to make their doughnuts part of the geography of breakfast. Just as people all over the world eat Belgian waffles, they want people all over the world to eat Round Rock doughnuts.

They are off to a good start. People come from far and wide to buy and eat Round Rock doughnuts. Many people can’t pass through Round Rock without making a stop for their doughnuts. But the question for other businesses is, after all those well-fed people stop for breakfast in Round Rock, where else will they be shopping all day? Here’s the place you find out.

World Famous Texas Sized Donut – Check out this video by TheDayTripper

Maybe doughnut fans will still have a sweet tooth and they’ll drop by Round Rock Honey, even taking in a quick beekeeping class. Maybe they’ll hang around until later in the day and take in a game at the Dell Diamond, or they will take in a local game of football, baseball, or even cricket at Old Settlers Park. Maybe they’ll stop at just one of the three IKEA outlets in Texas, or the discount mall. But why shouldn’t they stop at your place?

We know Texas day trippers are usually up for a little shopping with every trip. That’s why we promote Texas destinations. We want to bring those tired, hungry (or at least sugar-crashing), well to do day trippers to your business. Whether they start the day foraging for giant doughnuts or they end the day at the baseball park, they can spend part of the day buying from you.


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