Marketing Texas like it’s a Whole ‘Nother Country

August 10, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ ShopTexas

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Marketing Texas

Every Texan knows that Texas used to be an independent country, before it annexed the United States (or was it the other way around?). In Texas, the flag flies high, and people are proud of their Texan identity. And savvy marketers know that if you want to sell your products in Texas, you need a distinctly Texan approach.

Texans go for big and bold. If you are selling cars, and you specialize in monster trucks, you’ll find an obvious market in Texas. However, if you are selling cars, and you specialize in hybrid smart cars, you’ll find a market in Texans who want the most fuel-efficient and nimblest small cars on the market.

If you are selling salsa, you better not leave out the jalapeños unless you are replacing them with habaneros or serrano peppers. If you are selling bed linens, you need a Texas-sized number for your thread count or five-start quality for a price that makes Walmart look like Frett. The roller coaster in your amusement park needs to be highest and scariest on the continent, and your chicken fried steak had better have inspired balladeers to sing of it as diners to hail from foreign lands.

Superlatives sell in Texas, as long as they can be backed up by the product. However, if you can’t lay claim to a superlative, you can at least link your product to a hopeful message. Don’t hire Woody Allen to do your ad campaign. Fear- or anxiety-inducing advertisements absolutely do have an effect in Texas, but not necessarily the effect that their sponsors intend. Texans are turned off by negative advertising. Don’t compare yourself to the best. Be the best.

What’s a hopeful message in Texas? Well, if you are a five-year-old dragged along to IKEA, maybe you’re hoping for a stop at the nearest ice cream shop. We can help you find it. If you are a family all piled into the car to see the dentist, maybe it’s a quick side trip to a live jungle attraction (also something we can help you find) or a reasonably priced meal at a new restaurant. We can help you find that, too.

Hopeful messages don’t have to promise be-all and end-all to potential customers. They just have to fill a desire, and fill it again, and fill it again. Your ongoing presence on Shop Texas can keep your customers happy to have found you and coming back for more.


Scott Snerdey Lawrence
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