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About Us

So you wanna know more about the ShopTexas Business Directory and what we’re all about? Creating jobs, gainful employment and most of all create new businesses. The creator Scott “Snerdey” Lawrence is no stranger to directories or websites for that matter. This website was created as a way to help Texas businesses. From the idea’s people have about owning their own business, to those looking for more customers.

The idea is simple:
Your Texas located business can join the ShopTexas Business Directory for a one time payment of $49 with no subscription. Credit card or Paypal is used to create the account. Our billing is setup to charge you only once. Internet is not perfect, we’re more than happy to assist our clients.

Other Services
In regards to other services we offer here at there are many. Mostly related to webdesign, hosting, domains, emails, SSL’s and custom web designs. We are partnered with the best in the business. One of them just happens to have great ideas and loves to help others.

Startup Website 1st Year
We’ve been creating websites since 2002 and we’ve seen many websites come and go as in business not everything is forever. With so many ideas and how we change our minds, business ideas it’s easy for a website to put a dent on a budget only not to use it more than 1 year. Most will fit into our affordable complete website packages starting at $450 and up. We start with free consultation to make sure we’re a fit for your project. We make websites around the globe, the free directory listing that’s included this package is limited to Texas tho :)

What ShopTexas is all about.
Helping others, so they can help others too. Collective thinking, crowd funded advertising as we’ll use majority of the funds to push the site. We’ve opened the site with zero clients and now slowly social media and some advertising getting the word out about the ShopTexas Business Directory. Really gives time for the directory to get listings naturally and they will gain some seo presence as we age like a great bottle of wine!ShopTexas Business Directory

512-481-7353 Austin, Texas
877-619-6609 Toll Free Sales