Finding Funk in Austin Texas Outside of 78704

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Keep Austin Weird

Keeping Austin Weird

If there’s anything that can be said about Austin, it’s that it’s weird. Austin didn’t invent weird, but it’s certainly kept it alive.

Most day trippers and shoppers in Austin who are looking for the Austin experience tend to focus on Sixth Street, where parking is impossible and some of the locals are, well, a little too aggressively weird, or South Lamar, where clubs and bars and home-grown restaurants offer decidedly adult fare. For a family-friendly experience of weirdness in Austin, it’s best to look outside the well-touristed parts of town, basically any place SXSW wouldn’t have a venue.

Here are some suggestions.


Garden Texas Style at Austin Succulents

If you’re like the writer of this article, your vast experience with gardening only means there is a wide variety of plants you have managed to kill. It’s best for some of us to stick with beautiful plants that require very little care, and in north Austin (1806 W. Koenig Lane, to be precise, 512-947-6531), you will find a shop that sells cacti and succulents in Austintaceous earth-friendly containers. Their selections include the distinctly homey and the astonishingly refined, all in recycled containers.

Keep Austin Weird

Truly Tex-Mex
All over Austin you can find Maudie’s cafes, know for that essential of Tex-Mex cuisine, a really good, thin, crispy tortilla chip, made by hand, literally one at a time. Here’s also the place that healthy cuisine meets Tex-Mex, where dozens of menu items include a full bar, fresh-squeezed juices daily, over two dozen breakfast options, a generous number of vegan and gluten-free selections, and even a gluten-free chocolate cake.


Maudies Tex-Mex

Maudie’s can be found at:

Maudie’s Cafe off Lake Austin Blvd.

2608 W. 7th
Austin, TX 78703

Maudie’s North Lamar
10205 N. Lamar
Austin, TX 78753

Maudie’s Hacienda
9911 Brodie Lane
Austin, TX 78748

Maudie’s Milagro
Davenport Village
3801 N. Capital of TX Hwy.
Austin, TX 78746


Not Just Live Music

Austin is not without reason known as the live music capital of the world. It’s also not half bad for live comedy. Tourists and travelers are probably familiar with Esther’s Follies on Sixth Street (525 E. Sixth Street, 512-320-0533), which offers national and international comedy acts as well as magic acts and political satire. Not to be overlooked in North Austin, however, is Austin’s Capitol City Comedy Club (8120 Research Boulevard, 512-467-2333), which hosts local comic talent and well as national traveling acts.

Capitol City Comedy


It’s Magic!
Looking for something a little farther out there? Or just interested in rocks and fossils? Some of the best mineral specimens in Texas are found at Nature’s Treasures, 4103 N IH-35, 512-472-5015. The owners’ orientation is New Age, but for a lot of us, a pretty rock is a pretty rock.


Nature's Treasures


First English Lutheran Church
First English Lutheran Church gained its name by being the first Lutheran church in Austin to offer services in English, instead of only German or Swedish, in 1936. Its sanctuary is known for its perfect acoustics, and is a frequent venue for musical performances, many of them free, and non-sectarian. Find them at 3001 Whitis.


First English Lutheran Church


Look for a great place to shake a leg in a non-smoking environment? Maybe a G & T that’s heavy on the G? Try Parmer Lane Tavern, 2121 W. Parmer Lane, 512-520-9136.

Palmer Lane Tavern
Want to drop off your spouse for a round of golf while you go shopping. Got to Hancock Public Golf Course, in central Austin (811 E. 41st Street, 512-453-0276), where 9 holes cost just $9.

Do you get the idea that there’s a lot to do in Austin that is maybe a little less “weird” but still a lot of fun, not to mention very reasonably priced? Sure, the selections we list here won’t hit the spot if you’re into Goth or extreme ironing (which you can also find in Austin), but they are great shopping side trips for a great shopping city.


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